Summer can be a challenging season to dress for many women. From showing more skin to the challenges of creating a ‘new’ look every day (since you can’t really play too much with jackets, layers and scarves).

Luckily, there are plenty of options that will let you show off your style while still staying cool.

Whether you're hanging out with your friends, dressing up for a night out, or adding the perfect accessories to your outfit, it's easy to look your best all summer!

Today's article is about fashion for the summer! Things that are trendy or things that I personally think look good and would wear. Enjoy!

off the shoulder tops

Off the shoulder and other sleeveless shirts are a popular summertime option. Pair these shirts with distressed jeans or a pair of shorts and sandals for the ultimate in summer style.

When choosing a shirt look for lightweight, breathable fabrics. You’ll be more comfortable if you wear fabrics that will allow sweat to evaporate. Cotton, linen, and athletic fabrics are all popular options.

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crop tops:

Crop tops are a great fashion staple for this summer. Find a length and fit that you feel most comfortable in, make the fit balanced with high-waisted pants, shorts or skirts and easily make these trendy tops perfect for any occasion.

A tight crop top will look best with a looser pair of pants or skirt, a more relaxed, loose top paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts for more casual or edgy look.

Play around and find out what best suits you!

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Purchase rompers that will keep you cool. Loose, flowy fabrics and cuts which expose a little skin will be more comfortable.

Try on different lengths of rompers to see what looks best on you.

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Sunglasses can be as much for fashion as for function!

Fortunately, with sunglasses you don’t have to choose between style and function.

You can amp up your summer outfit while also protecting your eyes through finding the right pair of sunnies.

TIP: Sunglasses hooked onto outside pockets or shirt collars is a great way to accessorize your outfit and make a style statement without actually ‘wearing’ them!

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Opt for a casual dress or skirt for a feminine look perfect for a summer day.

Breezy dresses are an excellent way to stay cool in summer, and they look effortlessly stylish when you wear them with sandals or sneakers.

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Bralettes are essentially the comfortable answer to annoying and painful bras.

These bad boys are lightweight and easy-to-wear.

If bralettes are right for you, they are great because they can be worn in a variety of ways.

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high waisted shorts

High-waisted shorts are a fun option for summer or spring.

They help to elongate your legs and give your style a little lift. The style is quite flattering on all body types and, contrary to what some might think, rather comfortable.

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matching sets

Opt for a matching set if you don't want to wear a dress!

Glam jumpsuits are on-trend, comfortable, and versatile. You can wear a matching set or a jumpsuit to even the most formal of occasions if it's made from luxurious silk, chiffon, crepe, or brocade.

Accessorize your look with embellished flats or stiletto heels, statement jewelry, and a clutch!

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graphic tees

Graphic tees are one of the most comfortable and fun clothing items to wear.

Pair these tees with jeans and your good to go! There are many other ways to style and wear your graphic tee that are both exciting and unconventional.

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Shopping for the right swimsuit can be a challenge for many women.

But the best part is after you find the perfect piece you can use it as a reference bikini for the next time you go bikini shopping and you also can have a great time at the beach or pool in your favorite bikini!

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From the best styles that suit you to the hottest trends in headwear this summer and the question you may ask yourself often (especially in this summer heat) “what on earth you should do with your hair?”. Hats are perfect for many outdoor summer occasions!

TIP: Use the structure of your outfit or hat to influence the other.

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large - 2019-04-26T211509.353.jpg
large - 2019-04-26T211558.129.jpg
large - 2019-04-26T211525.017.jpg
large - 2019-04-26T211355.311.jpg

Whether you're off on holiday or simply looking for a new weekend look.

Constructing your summer wardrobe this season will be a breeze using these tips!

Stay cool and comfortable while still turning heads this summer.  Cheers!



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