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How to look cute and be comfortable

hey loves! I decided to write a fashion article today, about how to be comfortable and still look cute. I hate being uncomfortable in an outfit, so here are some ways to get around it while still being your cute self!


bras can be a pain, but bralettes are so cute. I get my bralettes from Hollister, and I have them in a bunch of different colours. They look amazing with an off the shoulder shirt, or covered up, your choice truly!

bralette and style image

sweatshirt dresses

ariana grande wears these a lot. i love sweatshirts and they’re so comfortable. buying a longer sweatshirt and wearing it as a dress (with shorts under most likely) can be really cute! I love wearing these with some thigh high boots!

ariana grande, arianagrande, and ariana image

mom jeans

mom jeans can look so cute when styled right. pair it with a tighter fitted shirt, a belt and white sneakers, and you’ve got an effortless look.

fashion image

A grown-up backpack.

Backpacks can be just as grown up and sophisticated as other bags and once you start carrying one you’ll never be able to go back to totes again.

fashion, bag, and black image

Sport Leggings

The trick is choosing workout leggings that don’t really look like workout leggings — no neon color blocking or wild, attention-grabbing prints — just easy, neutral colors, and subtle, sophisticated details like sheer mesh panels and tonal striping.

airport, clothes, and fashion image


That wraps up this post with how you can be comfortable in clothes while still looking cute. Don’t forget to read my other posts!